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The Aztecs called it xitomati, the French in ancient times called it pomme d’amour “love apple”, recognizing the aphrodisiac properties, at the end of the 800 arrived in Southern Italy and in Calabria. Here the tomato is the result of a deep union between man and territory, the crops are made gradually ripening with a plantation timely staggered, this allows a gradual maturation, allowing us to work ripe tomatoes from mid-July to mid-October. The tomatoes used for our products come exclusively from our beloved Calabria.
Characterized by a typical perfume, an intense and sweet flavor, a bright red color that if matured with the sun contains a high concentration of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is very healthy for a correct Mediterranean diet.


Tomato is chosen in conditions suitable for cultivation and production, each phase (from planting of the seedlings to the harvest) is indicated with care. The ripe tomato is collected strictly by hand. Before entering the company, they are executed quality controls, through the evaluationparameters wich verify: sugar degree, acidity, color, absence of foreign bodies, the absence of any mistreatment during collection.


The tomato, if it is suitable enters the farm and in less than 24 hours is worked.


The tomato, passed this first selection, with some jets of water is washed, further selected by operators in charge, who on special tapes provide to eliminate any imperfections of the fruit, and as wellprepared it follows all the other stages of processing, cut, cooked, squeezed, passed, lightly salted, bottled and pasteurized in pots just like it lights up once, obtaining the famous bottle of "A Sarsa da Nunna ".

For us defending the consumermeans first of all to love your company, respect yourself, others and the environment, we control all the stages of tomato's life, from cultivation to the mandatory hand-picked, we guarantee a product ripened in the sun, then gradually as it happens in nature, here because we strictly discard the mechanical collection that, to apply tomatoes, will normally be all mature and this in nature doesn’t exist, if not intervening with chemicals a base of ARSENICO (which is a very powerful poison), which causes the tomatoes to mature at the same time for mechanical collection.

Promote the values of tradition, Italian style, quality and wholesomeness of its tomatoes.
These principles are primarily translated into the use of only Italian and Calabrian tomatoes and in meticulous work to maintain high quality standards. All the Sapori Antichi company’s activities aim at guaranteeing and enhancing the typicality of the productions, their link with the territory, the agronomic, cultural and typical Calabrian traditions.
The quality promise is made possible by a set of factors:
• Strong collaboration with producing farms
• Planned controls on crops
• Strict control systems for tomatoes entering the company, including taste and flavor.

The Sapori Antichi company to guarantee the highest quality of its products combines research and innovation.
The UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certification obtained and released by the RINA control body has a great value, guarantees, in fact, the respect of a set of very accurate control procedures, both of the "Sapori Antichi" and of the companies that collaborate with it. It arises from the elaboration of the HACCP method integrated in the Quality System for the protection of health and consumer safety; applying the traceability of production, from cultivation to the final consumer.

Tomato is the emblem of the table, of the Italian culinary tradition and of the Mediterranean diet. It is a genuine and simple food, belonging to the Solanaceae family, which can be taken daily in our diet. In addition to being tasty and versatile for the preparation of many dishes, the tomato has beneficial properties for our body. Poor in calories, with a good content in minerals and trace elements, rich in water, with all the water-soluble vitamins. It is a light food, remineralizing, refreshing, moisturizing and rich in flavor, therefore with an excellent nutritional balance. Its fundamental ingredient is water (94%). Proteins do not exceed 1% and fats are still 0.2%. Another 2.8% consists of carbohydrates, mainly represented by fructose and glucose. In the aqueous component of the tomato, dozens of mineral salts and trace elements are dissolved. Among the former, potassium predominates (297 mg / 100 g), which helps the body to regain water balance. It follows the phosphorus (26 mg), which contributes to the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and is essential with calcium for the health of bones and teeth. Calcium (11 mg / 100 g), in turn, gives balance to the nervous system; among the trace elements, the most common are iron (0.3 mg / 100 g), fundamental in the fight against anemia, zinc (0.11 mg) and selenium (2.3 mcg) which promote cell repair and, for this, they fight the signs of skin aging.
The characteristic flavor of the tomato is due to the presence of citric and malic acid in its pulp, organic acids that facilitate digestion, the tomato provides all the water-soluble vitamins and is an excellent source of vitamin C (25 mg).
In addition, in the tomato is present vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene (610 mcg per 100 g), responsible for its beautiful color. A 100 g tomato is sufficient to cover 15% of the quantity of beta-carotene that should be taken every day. More recent studies have highlighted a component that has not been investigated for centuries: the lycopene, the only red carotenoid, present in the tomato in generous quantities and to which it owes, in large part, its color. The characteristic that makes lycopene interesting, and that is multiplying scientific studies on it, is its ability to protect cells and tissues from the harmful action of free radicals, which are responsible for the aging processes and many cancer pathologies. They are real elixirs of long life, they play the role of soldiers of molecules in the organism, helping to protect it from tumors, the more the tomato ripens in the sun the more its lycopene content increases, that's why we pick up only ripe tomatoes by hand.